Spotify Makes Moves to Compete With Clubhouse

Spotify is now expanding into live audio through its purchase of Betty Labs, which owns the live sports audio app Locker Room, according to The Verge. As a result of this acquisition, Spotify is also going to allow any consumer, not just its creators, to host live conversations, similar to the popular app Clubhouse.

Discord and Twitter Spaces are also big competitors in this space. Locker Room will still be on the App Store, but is expected to be given a different name on iOS. It will concentrate on sports, music and cultural topics, but the apps will stay separate.

“But who knows, maybe we’ll integrate some of these features, or all of these features in the future,” Gustav Söderström, chief R&D officer at Spotify, said.

Spotify also plans to offer different options, including some chats that are free for consumers, while others will come with a cost. Söderström said some users have previously been recording their Clubhouse and Spaces chats then uploading them as MP3 files to Spotify’s podcast creation and hosting software Anchor. This acquisition should now allow Spotify creators to be able to communicate with their audience members in real time for the first time.

Spotify is seeing explosive growth this year, according to Yahoo News. Its nationwide audience will beat Apple Podcasts for the first time – around 28.2 million users listen to podcasts on Spotify monthly compared to 28 million on Apple.