Ford to Allow 30,000 Employees to Keep Working From Home Indefinitely

With an increasing number of cities beginning to allow businesses to reopen, Ford Motor Company has already decided it will buck the trend and allow 30,000 of its workers to continue to have the option of working from home, according to the Associated Press.

While working regular hours from home, beginning in July, employees will be required to commute to work for company meetings and any projects that need to be done in person, according to The Washington Post.

“The nature of work drives whether or not you can adopt this model,” David Dubensky, the chairman and CEO of Ford Land, the company’s real estate subsidiary, said. “There are certain jobs that are place-dependent, you need to be in the physical space to do the job. Having the flexibility to choose how you work is pretty powerful. It’s up to the employee to have dialogue and discussion with their people leader to determine what works best.”

In order to make this decision, the company had its employees fill out surveys. One survey from last June showed that 95 percent of Ford’s employees worldwide would opt for working remotely as well as sporadically being in the office, to create more of a hybrid work model.

Additionally, the company created a think tank to come up with strategies as to how the workplace should look in the future. For employees who end up working in the office, company executives will be contact tracing, sanitizing regularly, and conducting temperature checks. However, no workers will be required to take the Covid-19 vaccine.