MoviePass May Be Staging a Comeback

The subscription service MoviePass may be making a comeback, according to Variety. The service initially launched a decade ago, according to Business Insider.

At that time, customers could pay $40 a month in order to see one movie a day for an entire month. In 2017, the company dropped the price to $9.95 per month, which caused a jump in subscribers from 20,000 to 600,000 in two months. By 2018, there were more than 2 million.

However, MoviePass ran out of money more than a year ago and filed for bankruptcy after experiencing technical, among other, difficulties. Some movie theater chains, including AMC, expressed they had problems with MoviePass and would not honor its subscription for customers at its theaters, according to CinemaBlend.

“MoviePass, while a great idea, is a horror show in terms of execution and customer service,” Jeff Bock, senior analyst at Exhibitor Relations, said at the time, according to CNBC.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday when MoviePass’s website posted a countdown clock. The time on it is scheduled to end next Monday, March 22. A tagline on the website states: “The movie is about to start.”

The website was registered by an anonymous entity on Feb. 7. As a result, it is not clear who is now running the site or company.

With a MoviePass relaunch, it could help fill seats at movie theaters. Many theaters are slowly just starting to reopen in some cities after being closed for nearly a year due to the pandemic.