Google’s New Nest Hub Will Track Your Sleep

Google has a new Nest Hub that monitors whether you have gotten a good night’s sleep with a built-in radar, according to CNBC. While it does not officially go on sale until March 30 for $99, pre-orders begin today.

Google’s first Nest Hub came out in 2018. This new model features improved speakers with 50 percent more bass and a 7-inch screen that can be used to click on lights, receive alerts, find out the weather, and watch Netflix (or whatever streaming service you fancy). It also comes in four colors: light blue (a.k.a. “mist”), light pink, light gray, and dark gray, according to The Verge.

The Nest Hub does not have a camera but, through its radar sensor, it is able to track your sleep with “Sleep Sensing.” It can monitor small movements, including your chest moving up and down while breathing, and microphones pick up coughing and other noises.

“Coughing and snoring, obviously, can be really telling for more serious conditions,” Ashton Udall, Google product manager, said. “We think there is really a rich, rich future in being able to give people more insight.”

While it cannot diagnose health conditions yet, it can provide details about the quality of your sleep by monitoring the temperature of the room and even how bright the lights are.

It can then recommend reminders for bedtime, for example, or to create a routine to relax before going to bed. Google has not yet said if it will eventually charge for Sleep Sensing, but it is free for the next year.