Unilever Removes the Word ‘Normal’ From Products and Advertising

In an effort to be more inclusive, Unilever is dropping the word, “normal,” from its beauty product packaging, according to BBC News. The company also plans to stop editing models’ photos.

London-based Unilever manufactures products, including Vaseline, Dove, and Axe, according to The Washington Post. The new ban will apply to “body shape, size, proportion and skin color” and the word “normal” will be removed from 200 of the company’s products.

“We know that removing ‘normal’ from our products and packaging will not fix the problem alone, but it is an important step forward,” Sunny Jain, president of beauty and personal care at Unilever, said. “We are committed to tackling harmful norms and stereotypes and shaping a broader, far more inclusive definition of beauty.”

As an example, shampoo for “normal to dry” hair, will be labelled for “dry and damaged” hair. The company will also no longer edit photos of models or of influencers, particularly those on social media. These new changes will be implemented over the course of the next year.

Unilever recently completed a research study of 10,000 people nationwide as well as in Saudi Arabia, England, South Africa, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Nigeria. Around 56 percent of those surveyed said the beauty industry often makes customers feel they do not belong.

As part of the new approach, the company will also commit to showcasing more people of color in its advertising. Additionally, Unilever will use more natural and biodegradable ingredients in its beauty products.