Spotify Expanding to 85 New Markets This Week

Spotify just announced at its “Stream On” event that it’s setting up service in 85 new countries this week, according to TechCrunch. Those markets will encompass more than 1 billion prospective listeners.

“Having more listeners on our platform creates more opportunities for artists and podcasters to make a living from their work. And more creators means more audio content for our users to discover,” Alex Norström, Spotify’s chief freemium business officer, said, according to Variety. “This creates an essential flywheel between creators and listeners that is the foundation of our business, and in the end, it is what will propel the audio industry forward.”

The new markets include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Malawi, as well as other parts of Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Spotify is available in 93 markets right now. The company also recently expanded to South Korea, officially launching there on Feb. 1. South Korea is the sixth-largest music market worldwide.

Listeners in new markets will be able to hear Spotify’s entire international music catalog. Spotify’s full podcast catalog will be available in most of the new markets as well.

In addition, Spotify plans to collaborate with local artists in some territories to make the listening experience both unique and specific to the areas. This will include translations to their native tongue and specific payment structures.

Both Spotify’s free and premium plans will be available. There will also be offerings of individual, family, and student plan options in some specific markets, but those have not yet been identified.