Chicago Teachers Won’t Return to In-Person Classes Without Covid-19 Vaccine

As Covid-19 cases continue to surge nationwide, some teachers are calling on local health officials to make them a priority when it comes to administering the Covid-19 vaccine. The Chicago Teachers Union voted to opt out of going back to in-person classes today, which was supposed to be the first day back for many, until more of them can get vaccinated for Covid-19, according to NBC News.

“We are not negotiating class size, benefits or staffing; we are bargaining for minimal risk of Covid-19 infection, and minimal risk of death,” Chicago Teachers Union officials said.

Students were scheduled to return to classrooms on Feb. 1. In New Jersey, teachers are also complaining about how state officials are choosing who will get the Covid-19 vaccines first, according to CBS New York.

New Jersey has made the vaccine available to healthcare workers, senior citizens and first responders. However, teachers’ unions in New Jersey are questioning why they are not in an early vaccine group if they have to go back into classrooms.

The Florida governor has made Covid-19 vaccines available for anyone in the state over the age of 65. However, the demand for the Covid-19 vaccine is greater than the supply. As a result, some teachers, including those over 65, wonder when they will actually be able to get a vaccine, according to WTSP-TV.