Amazon Discontinues Its Pantry Service

Amazon Pantry, which enabled customers to buy non-perishable items, including canned goods and cleaning supplies with a flat shipping fee, is no more, according to The Verge. The seven-year-old service, originally known as Prime Pantry, is being shut down as the company has fully incorporated Whole Foods offerings to its website and aims to avoid repetition, according to Gizmodo.

Amazon purchased Whole Foods in 2017. The original goal of Amazon Pantry was to make it easier for shoppers to stock up on pantry groceries and items they buy in bulk.

“As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience, we have decided to transfer Amazon Pantry selection to the main store so customers can get everyday household products faster, without an extra subscription or purchase requirement,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

The service was initially available only for Prime members, who all have free shipping. However, Amazon Pantry was expanded about two years ago to include a $5 per month option for subscribers who were not Prime members. Amazon Prime members pay $119 a year.

Company officials plan to reimburse all Amazon Pantry customers for any part of their subscriptions that were not used. All the offerings previously available on Amazon Pantry are being folded into Amazon’s website.

Amazon Pantry officially closed on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg. In addition to Whole Foods, shoppers also have items from the company’s new Amazon Fresh stores to choose from. Amazon opened its very first Amazon Fresh store last fall in Los Angeles, according to CNBC.