Some Florida Counties Begin Scheduling Covid Vaccines on Eventbrite

Florida health officials are turning to Eventbrite to help them sign up local residents for appointments for the Covid-19 vaccine, according to The Verge. The move has come as state officials are scrambling to find ways to administer the vaccines as fast as possible.

The initial plan was for the Florida Department of Health to have appointments made over the phone, but residents had trouble getting through. Then, the process became increasingly unorganized when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decided to go against the CDC’s guidance that only essential workers should be the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Instead, he approved adults over 65 as well, increasing demand at a time when the number of vaccines available is limited. There was also no comprehensive statewide plan, so local authorities created their own, which led to the use of Eventbrite in some counties. However, some residents have complained about the mandatory questions on the site.

“Either they were male and thought it didn’t apply to them, or they felt like, I’m 65, I don’t need to answer that,” Jesi Ray, a communications specialist for Brevard County, said. “But on the whole, the report that we got back from people was that this was easy.”

Another concern is that around 10 to 20 percent of households in some counties don’t have internet access, according to Vice. Additionally, people have started posting fake Eventbrite signup sites, scamming local senior citizens. Residents have also been forced to wait in long lines when arriving at their appointments.