Georgia Runoff Election Attracts Crowds as Trump Aims to Ruffle Feathers

Despite President Trump’s claims on Twitter this morning that ballot machines were “not working” in Georgia, today’s Senate runoff elections are “running smoothly,” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said, according to WXIA-TV.

Voters there reportedly had to resort to temporarily using paper ballots early this morning due to a programming error that involved some poll workers’ security keys that are used to operate scanners for the election ballots. Trump also claimed some ballots were being put in lock boxes. Officials say the matter was addressed before Trump even posted his tweet.

“And this issue in Columbia County was resolved hours ago, and our office informed the public about it in real time,” Gabriel Sterling, the voting system implementation manager in the Secretary of State’s Office, tweeted in response to Trump. “The votes of everyone will be protected and counted. Sorry you received old intel Mr. President.”

While a large turnout is expected today, election officials say Georgians were experiencing wait times of only about 30 minutes at the most statewide, and many were in line for only a couple of minutes. The race is a runoff between Republican David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff as well as Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Kelly Loeffler. The race will determine who controls the Senate.

Trump has attempted to convince Republicans in Georgia that election rigging is prevalent, according to CNN. As a result, some Republicans were considering not going to the polls today.