Winter Storm Hits the Midwest in Time for Christmas

It looks as if it will be a white Christmas with a vengeance in the Midwest thanks to a major snowstorm and blizzard conditions that have blanketed the region, according to CNN. The storm is headed to the Northeast next, but it’s expected to turn into heavy rain there.

However, since snow is also melting in the Northeast from a storm last week, there is now a strong possibility it could lead to flooding on Christmas.

“Anyone dreaming of a white Christmas will have to settle for a windy and soggy holiday,” Deanne Criswell, New York City Emergency Management Commissioner, said. “However, the hazards are real, and we want every New Yorker to prepare for the potentially damaging winds and heavy rain.”

Authorities expect the hazardous, wintry weather will most likely threaten any holiday travel plans and could possibly cause power outages, extinguishing Christmas lights, according to The New York Times. Some utility companies on the East Coast are already asking workers to cancel their holiday plans since they may have to work instead.

The Minnesota National Guard is helping stranded motorists and providing emergency assistance after being activated by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, according to KARE-TV. There were also reports of ice covering some roads.

The winter storm warnings even extend farther south to Tennessee and Kentucky. Meteorologists are warning there could be a wintry mix of precipitation there and in parts of North Carolina with rain possibly turning into snow. Parts of Georgia, Alabama and the Florida panhandle could also see high winds.