Pandemic Drives Up Christmas Tree Demand

As many Americans are preparing to amend their holiday plans during the pandemic, the damper on this year’s Christmas festivities has caused an upsurge in the sale of Christmas trees, according to The New York Times.

“We didn’t realize that the Christmas spirit was going to help people with what we’ve heard called the ‘Covid blues,’” Doug Hundley, a spokesman for the National Christmas Tree Association, said.

Picking a Christmas tree together as a family is also one way people are rushing to take advantage of an activity that is actually safe with the current health crisis and lockdown restrictions, according to Jennifer Greene, executive director of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association.

Farmers in Michigan have seen as much as a 50 percent increase in Christmas tree sales. An Evercore ISI survey of retailers taken earlier this month showed Christmas tree sales have increased 29 percent, according to CNBC. Artificial tree companies are also experiencing a surge.

“What we’ve seen this year since the pandemic is just incredible demand for anything to make your home better,” Mac Harman, founder and CEO of artificial tree company Balsam Hill, said.

Since people are traveling less this year and quarantining at home, more are looking for solace by getting into the Christmas spirit, experts say. The fact that people are hosting fewer holiday gatherings, including office Christmas parties, is also having an impact. In addition, a large number of Americans are not only optimistic about decorating this year, but many started earlier than before.