NBA Prepares for New Season and Health Protocols

The NBA is beginning preparations for its new season, but questions remain regarding how to keep players safe in the midst of the pandemic, according to ESPN. The regular season is scheduled to begin today after the shortened season that was played earlier this year in a secure bubble in Florida. However, NBA officials say there could still possibly be a playoff bubble this time around.

The season opener will be a face off of the L.A. Lakers against the L.A. Clippers. A new 134-page guide is being given to all NBA players that discusses the health and safety measures that will be taken. NBA officials admit the new season will be a test for everyone involved.

“The forthcoming season requires a new approach,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said, according to USA Today. “We’ll no doubt face challenges, but like people everywhere, we want to work if we can do so safely and responsibly.”

Silver said the NBA also weighed the economic considerations in regards to planning the new season. Another factor that weighed into decisions about the season is that NBA officials realized “it was untenable to return to a campus environment for a substantially longer period,” Silver said.

Among the issues to consider will be what happens if one of the players tests positive for Covid-19. If any player tests positive, officials say he, essentially, would be off the court for a couple of weeks. Another major change this year is that there will only be 72 games this season instead of the usual 82.