Joe Biden Names First Cabinet Member Choices

President-elect Joe Biden has introduced his first cabinet picks, and they are already a sharp contrast to Trump’s administration, according to CNN. Many of the cabinet members of the new administration are familiar players on the national and international stage, and for Biden, their combined years of service are most important.

“Collectively, this team has secured some of the most defining national security and diplomatic achievements in recent memory — made possible through decades of experience working with our partners,” Biden said at a press conference.

Antony Blinken, who previously worked for Biden in the Senate, will be the new secretary of state, according to the Associated Press. Jake Sullivan, who worked in President Barack Obama’s administration will be the national security adviser. Janet Yellen, former chair of the Federal Reserve, is Biden’s pick for treasury secretary.

Ron Klain will be Biden’s White House chief of staff and has also worked in the past as Biden’s chief of staff when he was vice president. Former Senator John Kerry, a Republican, will be in the new position of presidential climate envoy. Linda Thomas-Greenfield is Biden’s choice for ambassador to the United Nations and Avril Haines would be the first female Director of National Intelligence.

They all stood behind Biden at a press conference yesterday wearing masks and looking prepared to work. Biden’s picks vary from Trump’s four years ago since many of Trump’s included family members and contenders who publicly vied for their posts. Biden’s domestic and economic policy members are expected to be announced after the Thanksgiving holiday.