Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine is 94.5 Percent Effective

Based on a late-stage trial, Moderna’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine has proven to be 94.5 percent effective, according to Reuters. This makes the company the second drugmaker, after Pfizer, to manufacture a vaccine that shows such promising results. Now there may be two vaccines that could be authorized by next month for emergency use. Experts say up to 60 million doses might be available.

“These are obviously very exciting results,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said, according to CNN. “It’s just as good as it gets — 94.5% is truly outstanding.”

Both Moderna and Pfizer used technology called messenger RNA, or mRNA, to manufacture the vaccines. However, unlike Pfizer’s vaccine, Moderna’s can be refrigerated at normal fridge temperatures which could allow it to be more easily administered. It can also be stored for up to six months at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Pfizer’s vaccine, on the other hand, has to be both shipped and placed in storage at minus 70 degrees Celsius. That vaccine can remain in storage for, at most, five days at normal refrigerator temperatures or up to 15 days in a thermal shipping box.

There were 30,000 volunteers who participated in Moderna’s clinical trial. Out of that number, 15,000 received a placebo. Around 90 of them contracted Covid-19, but only 11 had severe cases of it. The other 15,000 volunteers were given the vaccine. Five of them contracted Covid-19, but none were severely ill. Both Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines will be administered in two doses that will be given a few weeks apart.