Judges Dismiss Trump Campaign Lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia

Judges in two states, Michigan and Georgia, have thrown out lawsuits filed by President Trump’s campaign which aimed to discredit absentee ballots, according to the Associated Press. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won the state of Michigan yesterday. However, Georgia is still a close race that has yet to be called.

The Georgia Republican Party accused Chatham County of not observing state laws regarding absentee ballots. The lawsuit questioned 53 absentee ballots that poll observers insisted were not in the original stack of ballots. However, Chatham County election officials said all of the absentee ballots in question had arrived on time, according to PBS NewsHour. That county includes Savannah which is primarily Democratic.

In Michigan, Trump’s campaign insisted Republican challengers did not have proper access to absentee ballots. The lawsuit was filed against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat.

Michigan Judge Cynthia Stephens said the lawsuit was filed just a few hours before the last ballots were counted on Wednesday afternoon and pointed out it incorrectly targeted Benson since she does not control how local ballot counts are handled. According to the lawsuit, Benson was allowing absentee ballots to be counted even if there were not bipartisan overservers and challengers present.

Benson denied she is guilty of the claims, according to Michigan state attorneys. Trump’s campaign was particularly concerned about counting at the TCF Center in Detroit. Many Trump protesters have gathered there during the ballot counts this week, as well as in other cities.