Twitter is Implementing Policy Changes to Handle Fake Election Results

Twitter announced Monday via its official account that any post from an account claiming election victory will require a citation from an election official or public projection from two national news outlets, which they have listed. All posts without citation will be tagged with a warning label and directed to the official Twitter U.S. election page.

This reiterates a previous policy by the social media platform in an effort to cut down on the amount of falsehoods spread. It will also remove posts that incite violence and interference with elections, which applies to races outside this presidential one, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook also updated their policy to similar standards and will track a “range of issues … including reports of voter suppression content.” The platform will remove any attempts to “suppress participation, intimidate voters, or organize to do so.”

These policy changes come after President Trump told his associates that he will declare himself victorious if he appears to be ahead even if the results aren’t finalized. While he denied this, he’s been critical of mail-in and early voting and has stated intentions to fight them.

As an election result may not be finalized on Nov. 3 due to the overwhelming number of mail-in ballots, the social media platforms have had to work harder to ensure that voters are provided with the correct information.