Postal Service Under Fire for Slow Processing of Election Ballots

A federal judge ruled on Sunday that the USPS must immediately address the fact it was slowing down processing election ballots in some battleground states, according to CNN. As a result of the order, Judge Emmet Sullivan said the Postal Service must now use Express Mail, which guarantees faster delivery.

Local ballots must be processed either the same day or the morning after they arrive. Mail-in ballots are being widely used in this year’s presidential election due to the pandemic. Democrats are urging that judges protect the ballots. Trump donor, Louis DeJoy, is currently the U.S. Postmaster General.

In the key states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Minnesota, and North Carolina, USPS is now required to both orally and in written statements tell plant managers to process the ballots before the local deadlines for them to make it to the election offices. In Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other battleground states, the judge ruled there must be oral communication to supervisors in some districts.

There must be daily status reports “regarding the situation at the Princeton post office in Miami-Dade County regarding allegations of a backlog of Election Mail,” the judge said, according to CNBC.

USPS issued a memo on Friday saying it is arranging for after-hours handoffs with boards of elections, among other measures. However, court filings show the Postal Service for a third day in a row has processed fewer election ballots than the day before.