Many States Don’t Expect to Have Election Results Tomorrow Night

Election Day is upon us, and for people expecting to find out by election night who the next president is, you will likely be disappointed, according to Vice. The count could take weeks due to greater numbers of mail-in and early voting because of the pandemic.

“In this election our absentee numbers have more than quadrupled from the previous presidential election,” a representative for Arkansas’ secretary of state said. 

That state’s results should be announced Wednesday. About 100 million people have voted early nationwide. 

The battleground state of Pennsylvania will most likely take days to count its votes. Ohio may not have a final count until after Thanksgiving, but should count the majority of its votes tomorrow night. Officials in Wisconsin, another state expected to be key in the election, requested an extension to count mail-in ballots, but the Supreme Court blocked their efforts last month.

California may not have tallies ready until November 20 and Washington won’t have them until November 23 due to late mail-in ballot deadlines in both states. Alaska and New York do not plan to announce any results tomorrow night either, according to The New York Times

It is not clear when Florida’s results will be announced, but officials have already started processing mail-in ballots. Washington, D.C. and 22 states are allowing postmarked ballots to arrive later in the week, so their results will be delayed. Only eight states so far expect to have around 98 percent of their unofficial results announced by noon on Wednesday.