Democrats Win Court Victories in North Carolina and Pennsylvania Elections

The Supreme Court has blocked Republican plans to prevent extensions for counting ballots in next week’s presidential election in two battleground states, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, according to NPR. As a result, the court ruled to grant a three-day extension for counting absentee ballots in Pennsylvania and voted in favor of North Carolina’s election board to implement a grace period of nine days for counting election ballots, according to The Washington Post.

The Pennsylvania ruling maintained a state Supreme Court decision rooted in the state constitution, which extends the count time for ballots posted by Nov. 3. Chief Justice John Roberts, who teamed up with the three liberals on the court last week during a tied vote, said state courts should be free to interpret their own constitutions when it comes to elections.

However, the Pennsylvania Republican Party returned to court this week attempting to sway the court’s decision.

“There is a strong likelihood that the State Supreme Court decision violates the Federal Constitution,” Justice Samuel Alito, Jr., wrote in response to the Pennsylvania decision. “The provisions of the Federal Constitution conferring on state legislatures, not state courts, the authority to make rules governing federal elections would be meaningless if a state court could override the rules adopted by the legislature simply by claiming that a state constitutional provision gave the courts the authority to make whatever rules it thought appropriate for the conduct of a fair election.”

The Supreme Court could still take up the case again after the election.