Protests Continue in Philadelphia After Fatal Police Shooting

Local residents in seven districts of Philadelphia have been asked by Philadelphia police to remain at home after demonstrators continued for the second night in a row to protest the police shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr., according to CNN. Wallace, 27, was killed by police on Monday in front of his mother in West Philadelphia However, Wallace’s family said he was having a mental health episode and was in need of crisis intervention at the time.

Many protestors peacefully marched in the streets, screaming out Wallace’s name. However, the march turned violent when the crowd met up with police near Philadelphia Police 18th District.

Some also began looting businesses in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, although it is unclear whether they were actually participants in the protest. Pennsylvania National Guard members moved in to assist police in an attempt to maintain order. Wallace’s family called for calm.

“All this violence and looting. I don’t want to leave a bad scar on my son and my family with this looting and chaos stuff,” Walter Wallace, Sr. said. “So I want my son’s name and everybody to stop this. Give my son a chance. And the family like we’re decent people.”

Wallace’s attorney said police should have used a nonlethal method to deescalate the situation. Philadelphia plans to implement a curfew Wednesday night, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office is now investigating the shooting.