Biden and Trump Clash on Coronavirus at Final Debate

The final presidential debate, which took place in Nashville, Tennessee, last night, was more civilized than the first one without President Trump constantly interrupting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden this time, but he still managed to continue doling out falsehoods, according to Reuters. The Coronavirus was chief among the topics — Biden heavily criticized Trump’s handling of the pandemic which has so far killed more than 221,000 people nationwide.

“Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain president of the United States of America,” Biden said.

With health experts predicting a dire winter and many states reporting increased Coronavirus cases on Thursday, Trump continued to downplay the pandemic, insisting Covid-19 is “going away.” Trump, who recently tested positive for the Coronavirus, also said, the vaccine is “ready,” according to CNN. The FDA has not yet approved any vaccines.

While Trump attempted to smear Biden and his son, Hunter, accusing them of being involved in illegal activities in the Ukraine and China, Biden said the claims are untrue. There has also been no evidence to support them. Trump and his children, however, have been accused of engaging in their own conflicts of interest.

“Release your tax returns or stop talking about corruption,” Biden said, referring to a report by The New York Times, showing how Trump paid almost no federal income taxes for more than two decades.

The candidates also debated race relations, healthcare, and the economy. However, it is unclear how many Americans will be swayed by the debate since a record 47 million have already voted.