New York Issues Over $150,000 in Fines for Covid-19 Violations

New York City officials have issued over $150,000 in fines since Friday for Covid-19 violations as a result of pandemic-related closures and restrictions, according to CNN. Five penalties were issued to religious congregations. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the fines for mass gatherings that violated state rules would be up to $15,000 a day, and the fines for not wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing could be $1,000 a day.

New York has faced a resurgence of the Coronavirus in some Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods. Officials are cracking down on increased restrictions in cluster zones, according to NBC New York.

“We need the ability to focus on these small clusters now. Because if you don’t catch a cluster, then it becomes a contagion,” Cuomo said in a “TODAY” show interview on Monday. “We have to get smarter as a country. We have to get smarter as states. We’re dealing with a virus. We have to use the science and get more sophisticated.”

Deputies also made four arrests after a party in Queens on Sunday with at least 100 people in attendance. Meanwhile in California, two Amazon warehouses were cited by the state’s division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for coronavirus-related health and safety violations. The warehouses, in Eastvale and Hawthorne, for failing to mitigate possible exposure to the coronavirus by providing effective health and safety training to employees, according to CNBC. At least two Ohio restaurants have also been cited for Covid-19 violations, according to News 5 Cleveland.