Harris and Pence Faced Off in Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate

The first and only vice presidential debate between Democratic candidate Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence took place at the University of Utah Wednesday night, with an emphasis on the handling of the Coronavirus. They spoke through plexiglass shields and were seated more than 12 feet apart.

Harris attacked Trump and Pence’s handling of the pandemic, calling it the “greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country.” Pence, as head of the coronavirus task force, defended the president’s decisions.

Harris also accused the president of covering up information about the Coronavirus when he was briefed in January by his national security team, and she argued Trump still didn’t have a plan to combat the disease which has killed 210,000 Americans. Pence pointed to Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China in January as evidence he did respond early.

He weakly noted the Biden-Harris team’s plan to address the coronavirus with testing and developing a vaccine mimicked Trump’s. Pence also said Harris lacks confidence regarding a vaccine, according to CNN.

The White House Rose Garden event last week for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was also a hot topic, as it turned into a superspreader event, infecting Trump and at least 34 other people with Covid-19.

The candidates also discussed the Supreme Court, climate change, health care, trade, and Trump’s taxes. The debate featured fewer interruptions.