Presidential Debate Erupts into Chaos

The first presidential debate between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump basically consisted entirely of Trump repeatedly talking over the moderator Chris Wallace, with Biden once referring to Trump as “the worst president that America has ever had,” according to CNN. Trump spent the evening attacking Biden and interrupting his answers.

Biden added that he would not try to fact check Trump’s continued lies and instead criticized his handling of the coronavirus. As expected, the insults began within the first 30 minutes of the debate.

Chris Wallace had trouble getting a word in and keeping control. At one point, as he attempted to ask questions, he had to remind Trump that his campaign had previously agreed both sides would have the allotted two minutes to answer questions without any interruptions.

In a discussion about race, Trump refused to condemn the white supremacy, and when asked directly about the Proud Boys, he told them to “stand back and stand by.” He also took to personal attacks against Biden’s son Hunter for a former drug problem, as well as his late son Beau.

While discussing The New York Times report that Trump had paid little or no federal income taxes during most of the past two decades, Biden noted the average school teacher paid more in taxes than Trump did. Biden has been consistently ahead in the polls, and he is still ahead by a high single-digit margin, according to Vox. It’s unclear at the moment what impact last night’s debate had on the polls, but one thing is clear: the people lost.

There are two more debates scheduled for Oct. 15 and 22.