California Governor Bans New Gas Cars by 2035

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday ordered his state to ban new gas vehicles within the next 15 years, according to Politico. The action is a rebuke to President Trump, along with other federal leaders, who have been challenging California’s strict fuel economy rules. Newsom seemed to welcome a response from Trump.

“I expect a tweet within 24 hours of me signing the executive order,” Newsom said Wednesday afternoon in a video on Twitter. “I expect the usual pablum, somehow we’re taking something from people or we’re denying people choice, when in fact we’re accelerating innovation.”

While the plan will not stop Californians from actually owning gas-powered cars or selling used ones, the year 2035 will mark the end of the sale of all new gas-powered vehicles in the state. California accounts for more than one out of every 10 new cars sold nationwide. California would be the first state with the mandate, but at least 15 other countries have already made similar commitments, including Germany, France, and Norway, according to the Associated Press.

Newsom wants to use California’s huge car market to force car makers to focus on manufacturing electric vehicles. He said such a move is a necessary step to combat climate change. California Republicans immediately said Newsom’s order is an overstep as well as Newsom’s executive decisions to close businesses and other establishments due to the coronavirus. However, the Ford Motor Company and some governors are praising the ban of gas vehicles.