Pinterest Announces No More Election Ads, Staff Will Get Paid Time Off to Vote

Pinterest announced today it will no longer show ads when users search for common election-related terms, including politicians’ names, according to CNBC.

“As we get closer to Election Day, we know that public discourse will grow louder. We want Pinterest to remain a place for inspiration and positivity,” Pinterest officials said in a blog post Thursday. “That’s why, as we near November, we’ll limit recommendations about election-related content (like election memes or slogans) in places like the home feed and notifications. We’ll also turn off search autocomplete and search guides for specific election-related terms.”

Pinterest will also give its employees eight hours of paid time off on election day so they can vote, volunteer as poll workers, or participate in other related community activities. The paid time off is also not limited to election day, but the San Francisco-based company’s more than 2,200 employees can use it anytime. Apple, Old Navy, and Twitter are among other companies that have also announced they will give employees paid time off to vote in November.

Pinterest is now updating its “Civic Misinformation Policy,” which bans false content that would dissuade people from voting or being counted in a census as well as any incorrect information related to voting. Facebook also just announced it will not allow new political advertising to run the week leading up to this year’s presidential election, according to NBC News. However, Facebook will allow political ads that are submitted up until then to keep running.