Lawmakers Called Back to Congress Over Postal Service Changes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling lawmakers back early from their August recess as a result of concerns about how mail-in ballots for the election might be handled under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, according to NPR. There will be a vote later this week on the “Delivering for America Act” that would prevent USPS from making changes to any of its operations that have been in place since January 1.

“Postal service sabotage = voting suppression. No need to connect the dots,” Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut tweeted. “This bare knuckled scheme openly mocks our democracy and all Americans.”

He said the Senate should also return to Congress early to vote on the issue. Since his appointment in June, DeJoy has established new policies slowing mail delivery in an effort to cut costs, he said. However, postal employees and their unions warn the changes will increase delays.

The Postal Service also recently told lawmakers in 46 states, as well as Washington, D.C., that votes for millions of Americans could be threatened because mail-in ballots may not be processed in time for the presidential election, according to Vox.

In the meantime, several states are now investigating possible legal action against the Trump administration and the Postal Service to stop them from using new operational changes before November, according to CNN. The Postal Service’s internal watchdog is also now looking into whether DeJoy is following federal ethics rules.