Big Ten Cancels Fall Football Season

Big Ten conference presidents and chancellors have voted against having a sports season this fall due to Covid-19, but they’re still holding out hope for the spring season, according to ESPN.

“We have incredible policies and procedures in place and our schools, we have 14 schools in 11 different states,” Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said. “People are doing the best they possibly can, but when you go from the acclimation period to getting ready to put on pads and contact, and you look at the overall numbers during this global pandemic as far as caseloads, they have not decreased, they have gone up.”

However, Pac-12 presidents and chancellors say they will still play in the fall season, according to ESPN. The teams are set to play nine conference games and one non-conference game, but the conference season will not begin this year until Sept. 26.

Some of the Big Ten’s member schools appear to be divided on whether they should play this fall or wait until the spring. Nebraska coach Scott Frost said the college still wants to have a fall season and could look elsewhere to play. While Nebraska’s Chancellor Ronnie Green and other college officials agreed that safety for their student athletes is the top priority, they also said they are also disappointed in the Big Ten’s decision, according to CBS Sports

Warren said if the Nebraska Cornhuskers played this fall, they would not remain members of the Big Ten Conference, according to Yahoo Sports.