Hamilton Arrives on Disney+ Just in Time for the Holiday Weekend

The award-winning Broadway musical Hamilton hits Disney+ this weekend as millions of Americans prepare for Fourth of July weekend.

The Lin-Manuel Miranda musical won 11 Tony Awards and tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and is based on the 2004 biography “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow. It infuses hip hop, R&B, pop music, and classic show tunes, and has had a cult following since it opened in 2015.

It’s arriving to a broad streaming audience in the midst of civil unrest. Miranda went on the record recently to link the show to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hamilton doesn’t exist without the black and brown artists who created and revolutionized and changed the world through the culture, music and language of hip-hop,” Miranda said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Literally, the idea of the show doesn’t exist without the brilliant black and brown artists in our cast, crew and production team who breathe life into this story every time it’s performed.”

Miranda, who also wrote the Broadway hit, In the Heights, plays Hamilton and ties each of the founding fathers in the musical to famous rap artists. 

The show broke presale records and won a Pulitzer Prize.