TikTok Users Band Together to Fight Racist Censorship

Non-black TikTok creators teamed up with Black creators on Tuesday to protest the app’s policies as part of the #ImBlackMovement, according to CNN.

Users on the popular social media app changed their profile photos to the black power symbol to honor Malcolm X’s birthday that day.

It was part of a movement started by Alex Scott, the founder of Black Lives Matter Utah, who is among many criticizing the app’s frequent minority censorship.

“I did this because Black creators are being silenced on TikTok and other social media platforms and I am fed up. Our videos are taken down and our accounts are banned when we speak against racism,” Scott said. “I want TikTok to change their policies when it comes to Black and brown creators. We should not be punished for speaking against racism. The accounts of actual racists should be taken down.”

Many also say their “For You” pages seldom feature creators of color.

Thousands of non-Black TikTokers who participated in the movement did not post their own videos, but that day instead only liked posts by Black TikTok users and commented #BlackVoicesHeard on their videos. Black users posted with the hashtag #ImBlack, and videos posted with that hashtag on Tuesday reached 6 million views.

TikTok has, previously, admitted it censored some posts in an erroneous effort to curb bullying. Officials with TikTok referred to it as a “blunt and temporary policy.”