Many Restaurants Between a Rock and a Hard Place When It Comes to Reopening

When will you be able to meet up with friends again at your favorite restaurant?

It could be just weeks from now, depending on which state you live in, but it will probably be a while before everything is back to normal as restaurant owners are finding simply reopening is harder than it looks, according to Vice.

Thanks to the pandemic, there are now a slew of financial and public safety concerns to overcome. Topping the list is the government’s Payroll Protection Program, or PPP, loan which has restrictions, including that the loan has to be used eight weeks after it is approved. Some owners are only able to use the funds to rehire employees and pay rent without having additional funds to pay other bills.

Another question is will customers feel safe dining out in this new normal?

Sales at restaurants have fallen $80 billion over the past two months, according to the new advocacy group Independent Restaurant Coalition. The organization is appealing to Congress for $120 billion in loan and grant money for non-chain restaurants, particularly ones owned by women and minorities, but some owners have concerns about which restaurants might be left out.